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A passing thought... on Attachment & Detachment !!

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Attachment and detachment are in our own 2 hands.

We can be detached with a person who showers all his/her love on us. And we can be attached to someone who doesn’t even think of us.

It's a matter of love we would say. Cannot be forced.

Well, as far as our pull is based on our heart and soul it should be alright but the moment we anchor our pull or attachment on the basis of what our mind says, we definitely are on a different path.

Let’s call it a path which is materialistic.

Material paths can also have their routes. A route which is aimed at our good without harming anyone and another route which is aimed at only our own good by hook or by crook.

Like it is said that nothing is good or bad. But it is also said that there is #karma which takes care of our intentions, motives and basically good/bad thoughts. Quite contrary but oh well.

Detachment on the other hand sometimes is confused or used as a word which is considered “cool” probably. We call our “duties” not ours on the name of detachments. In the name of #detachment, we say that we have “put off the fight” by staying away. Staying away from a required conversation is not cool !! It’s a sign of immaturity and cowardliness.

We even use the word detachment like an "offensive word". When a person who is doing the required job while minding his/her own business we say “they are detached” aka he/she is selfish, snobbish, snorty or doesn’t care.

Life of humans would be much simple if we stay and live by the "literal meanings" than creating our own detours, easy ways out and sneak-outs.

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