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Blushes to Blues in no time: Self-Love is The One.

Updated: Sep 28, 2020


They say is the most #powerful and #potent word.

They say is above everything else.

They say is one of its kinds.

#Pure, subtle, Magical!!

As a #kid felt like the best chocolate ever.

As a growing #teenager sounded like the best #music ever.

As an #adult thought it was the most truthful and honest thing ever.

The RomComs, the novels, the sound of birds and the feel of the air on the skin.

And from words like #TrueLove to #Soultmate to #Twinflame to partners of lives: everything felt so real.

Now it all seems like it was all a mere #advertisement that conditions a person to like something, want something and then they keep bringing new flavours that you keep wanting it but never being able to be content or in many cases never been able to even find it: why? Because “it is so rare and you only find it when the right time comes!”

“There are lessons to learn and work to be done!” Lessons? Work? What and why? Everyone knows and yet no one does or tells! Because… “You can only know when you experience it yourself” and

no one in brizzilions of centuries has been able to explain it!?! Brought a blueprint, a roadmap or something like that to make it easier for their generation next?

They say “Let Go and loosen up… don’t be afraid to fall coz #love won't let you fall.” And then when you take the first step out, you slip and smash your face hard.

Blushes to Blues in no time!

Did anyone catch ya? Oh well!! It was for you to #balance because “until you are not grounded and feel complete yourself, how can you attract that for yourself?” Aah well… right!

I say, Stop It !!

GetYourShitTogether and meet your biological needs in a legally and Humanly accepted ways and just Live! Or die… but just don’t wait for true love coz my dear the wait was never there!

True Love is you to you.

Not at all selfish, I tell you, it's called SELF LOVE !! If you can be happy then only you can spread the fragrance of happiness around you.

Bullshit about what people say, “sacrifice and surrender” for everyone coz you would want something in return on a future date and then when you don’t get nothing, you are gonna weep like a lil 70some weeper and “people” are just gonna say old lady/ old man has gone crazy!

So just live or die but wait? No, my dear! You know why?

Because: You are what you have been waiting for!!

Look with or without a mirror. Reflection won't be hard to catch. Reflection won’t take a moment to make you happy and truly fall in Love.

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