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Girl Next Door | Indian | Vegetarian | Bookworm | Fitness-Oriented | Spiritually-Inclined | Passionate Writer |             Minimalistic Beauty & Basic Fashion Enthusiast | Wanderlust | Day & Night Dreamer | FairyTales Believer |                          Wacky Thinker & Boring Philosopher | And I can go on-n-on blowing my own trumpets...


​Coming from my fairytale world or more so of my superhero-shaolin world... I like to believe I'm a…

can’t say SuperWoman because that title has already been taken by all the Mothers of Planet Earth and beyond… but you know what I mean? Let’s say… I feel like I am special… haha… Haven't done anything SUPERb to feel like that but all that matters is if I'm happy if I call myself that... and I certainly am, period.

Also, everyone must feel they are special and if you don’t, keep reading, you may find something here to lift you up, sooner or later.

Now that's quite a cliché you may say, but yes! You may enter my heart with all the dreamy-flowery-butterfly effect, but… you will only remain here if you are honest [psst... and if you keep saying… more so, “believing” that

“Shikha Is The Best”].


​Some honesty from my end? I'm the best writer in the world[of my dream world] and this space is created for my own happiness... for my love of WRITING and more... My style of writing is exactly like this... language to be understood by all, with least of jargons, paying less attention to the rules of languages[grammar], full of humour and sarcasm and crazism. Yes! I like to create my own words and use them confidently !!

I've been writing from the time I've learnt how to write so you see I've a lot of experience, in writing. ;) When the internet came into our lives... I would write random things on various platforms like blogspot, wordpress, mouthshut, fb, etc. I would also post pictures on instagram and pinterest. On and off, I made videos in disguise[shh...] on youtube under the name *The Beauty And The Brain Room* with a very karmic tagline "It is Coming Back To You" telling brands and companies that my reviews are the full and final account to what they have presented to their customers.

​I know what was I thinking, right? I wasn’t. I still am not.

Now, I have deleted most of those accounts or the data. Another important piece of information ABOUT ME, I’ve a minor Obessessive Cleanliness Disorder[diagnosed by myself, suffered by many]. I wanted to collect my scattered blogs into one. So here I am…


For the longest time, it has been my DREAM to have my name’s website and write on it. All these years, I was unable to do so for some reason or the other and you know what? All these years, my name’s domain wasn’t available, considering my name, infact my fullname, is a very common Indian name. Makes me believe that, things happen when they happen and with perfect synchronicities.


I am really grateful for this. I have no idea what’s next. All I know is, I am really excited. Suggestions, advice, wisdom, remarks, criticism, feedback, judgments, love, friendship everything is welcomed, provided they come straight from your soul. Wink-wink


​To you, Dear Readers, I would like to say

Thank You for visiting My Room !!

I hope I am able to make your visits:

frequent, entertaining and inspiring !!

Shikha Jain

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