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My Future Motivational Speech

Many successful people after their success give a motivational speech. Some on big worldwide platforms and some in their social and local groups. Sometimes they are invited to share their experiences and learnings so others can benefit from them and sometimes they volunteer intending to be of help or simply to boost their egos.

Success always gets an audience.

My Motivational Speech

Success always gets an audience: admiring or loathing. When a successful person posts a picture of her newly manicured toe, it becomes a trend. When a successful person talks about the importance of family time, that also becomes a piece of trending news.

What you do with that success is in your hands.

Do you become like that king on whose honour there were events held to boost his ego by having people come and praise him? Or do you use that power to make a difference for humanity's cause?

Do you use that success to write history full of lies so you get an amazing public image or do you have the guts to tell the real story?

You did great in your life and sure you should take full opportunity to brag about yourself if that is what you like. You have earned it. Enjoy your moment, limelight. But what now?

Give your audience real deal help.

If you killed an enemy on the border then tell the real story. The enemy was equally strong story and it was just by the grace of god or luck that you survived story than oh! the enemy was so weak, it was easy. Though you won't tell if it was that easy coz then how does that make you look cool? Well, I am sure you are understanding my point.

Someone might be even thinking: who does that in today's world? Well, my dear, many do. We just don't call ourselves kings and queens anymore but that is the end goal, to rule. To have our beautiful picture painted on the walls.

Usually, the theme of the motivational talk is... oh! we were in tatters and in such a mess with so little and incompatible conditions. But we rose above our excuses and made things happen.

Circumstances take the name of excuses.

Maybe once a person is on the other side he/she sees things more clearly. They see that what they were blaming on everyone around them including God and the Universe were excuses and they always had a choice to do differently and as soon as they did it, success was theirs! Voila! It was that simple. Was it?

All in all, the motivational speeches from successful people motivates so many people who then start working with this newfound energy, which btw was all the time residing deep within them. In short, the motivational speech helps them in giving them a kickstart.

Well all that is good but

What happens after a time gap?

Different people different results. While for some the speech was a turning point to their own successful life and for others, it was a quick energy boost that poofed away in a jiffy leaving them even more miserable and cranky. And then some were pushed to at least a point to savour the taste of some sort of success. Everything is great I think. Whatever helps or does not.

Many do end up saying that WHEN THE TIME IS RIGHT everything would fall into place. Maybe it has some truth.

And the LOA trend also says we need to Manifest it with a small font "conditions apply" saying, we need to take action towards our goals !!

So what's with MY Future Motivational Speech?

The real deal tips and tricks would be shared when I become successful but that would surely be enveloped by the following which I think is important to tell because otherwise we all try to evaluate ourselves with a general parameter. So...

When I am successful I am going to say that oh! I did nothing. I waited for my turn of good luck, for my manifestation seed to grow into a fruit miraculously... for the right and beautiful conditions/situations to happen that automatically made me TAKE ACTION that lead to success.

Oh well! Action definitely was taken! Can't shy away from that my dear.

Until then what did I do? I did what I liked and could do. I even did what I didn't like because I had to. To others, I may have appeared like I was counting stars but I was trying to build myself from within. Many times I didn't understand the whats and whys but I tried understanding things, people, situations more closely.

When you understand, you learn.

Or should I say that When you try to find faults, you lose the opportunity to learn.

The fault might be there but from a place of understanding, you work around solutions than simply pointing fingers.

Did I go on the... let's call it... the negative path? Sure, did. But as a human, you can't torture yourself for a long time. You either find your homeostasis or perish. Mostly the former one happens.

And then again what is negative and what is positive? Well, these are some human acceptable terminologies and we are going by them for now.

I think a talk like this would make the believers in me chill and relax and that would bring positivity around them leading to action with a calm mind. Not worrying to pass/fail or to be judged or anything. Just do their shit with happiness.

Some may say that it is a sheer way to induce laziness. Well, you could be right. But this is MY motivational speech. Please write your own. haha! I am sorry. Don't get me wrong. If you get my point it is amazing otherwise I am not here to explain because I haven't yet reached that level to explain in an acceptable way.

Just like motivational speeches usually don't stick around in most of the heads for a long time so will my BE HAPPY SPEECH... especially coz we humans don't allow such impractical nuisance. But you know what?

Those few hours that person would be in the happy bubble would be MY success.

What is success?
It's me to determine.

Money is amazing and important too. It is a necessity. It's a generally accepted thought that we are successful if we have a bank full of wealth.

But what is true success to our deepest heart? Our hearts of heart? It's me to determine!!

Maybe you would say the same. And maybe people who have gathered all the wealth and still feel empty and void inside would say the same. Who knows? This is my Future Motivational Speech irrespective of whether I am successful in the eyes of others or not.

I would declare myself successful when I believe and feel so.


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