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8 Successful Tips on How to be Heard and Seen...?

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

"Only if you were a little bit taller, your hosting would have been excellent", said a guest to me in my family party. There is no relation to communication skills and height of a person but such instances do happen.

The very first impression most of the time a person makes on another is how he/she looks. It is natural because visual is more catchy. Physical appearance plays a vital role in image building.

Our natural features like our height, weight, symmetry, skin colour, etc depict health, strength, beauty depending on the conditioning of a person. And usually, this conditioning is universal around the globe or at least in big chunks of regions.

Many times a person with the “ideal” amount of all these ingredients gets better opportunities based on their physical features even if they lack the “real deal” required to carry forward the opportunity.

Not everyone has all the ingredients and many don’t even have a single ingredient for a poster image.

Some people take it so deep into their hearts that they remain in this inferiority complex all through their lives and often do not progress in their full capacities.

Is that the end of the world for them? Certainly not!

Besides the ‘right in the face’ natural features, there are other natural features that need a bit of action to show up. Some natural features need years of cumulative action to be visible. And then some features can be made visible by a little bit of work on ourselves. Let us see what and how!


Do you mull over this one thing of yourself so much that you let down the other beautiful things God has blessed you with? If you do so, you are taking yourself in a place much worse than where you are now. Accept yourself the way you are and work from there. Plastic Surgery is expensive and Affirmations need a lot of work. Remember! If you keep the attitude highlighting what you think are your weaknesses, the world around you is going to back you on it and take you down. Stand up for yourself. And if you have such confidence then I can say that you are well-rooted and that is a very important ingredient.

But then again, sometimes even when you are confident to the core, you are not given the attention that you look for. You must remember that FACE VALUE HAS NO VALUE ONCE ACTION SPEAKS.


The body speaks way before you speak. But since everyone understands how it speaks, it can be bluffed too. Sometimes temporarily and sometimes to make it a part of ourselves. eg. while acting one can temporarily portray a body language of an athlete even if one is not but to be active and full of energy on an everyday basis one might need to fake it and force it in the beginning until it becomes a habit.

HOW? Take help of Personality Development Professionals or your near and dear ones or yourself if you have the eye to scrutiny yourself.

You might need to record and observe your body language. See what is it that you need to change to meet your need. Probably a drooping shoulder might be giving an image of lack of confidence. You might be moving your hands more than required which might be distracting the listener from listening to what you are actually trying to convey. Try to work on such small nuances and it may do magic.


The eye is the window to your soul they say but that part works naturally I believe. Some people look into them on a physical realm only and we just need to work till there. People who have a hold on it can even make people believe in their lies. But we don’t want to go that low. We want to probably use this technique in a good way.

HOW? Watch, Learn & Practice! Watch various sources available including movies, famous personalities whom you admire to understand and observe a person demonstrate it to you. And then, practice what you need !!


Sometimes having a voice or an opinion or a vision is not enough. The quality of your voice and how you use it in your favour can be a game-changer in your life. This also includes your communication skills which can be learnt.

HOW? Public Speaking or Voice Modulation courses can be helpful in this. Remember! It is a lot available for free on the good old internet. But a teacher can always take you a few steps ahead and faster. Again, practice will only make you perfect.


What you wear, your grooming skills fall under this category. See what suits you and you feel comfortable in. See what is required for you in the field that you are trying to make a mark.

eg. You may need to wear crisp formals in a corporate whereas you can play around with your clothes if you are a pre-school teacher.


A beautiful mind is a feature that is looked up to. Sometimes you are intelligent naturally and sometimes you build it over the years with the knowledge you gain. Along with intelligence there comes along skills that can be learnt and displayed.

eg If you know how to play a musical instrument like the guitar or you are good with words, you could always be pulled out from a crowd and brought forward. Skills and success build confidence.


A kind and caring person is found. Sometimes you may not be able to help anyone with anything solid, but your presence just cleanses the environment, uplifts the mood and spreads joy. This most likely comes naturally but of course, many people fake it because they know how this attribute can be misused.

HOW? If you think you want to achieve this for a good reason, then start small. Start with the people around you. Don’t look for appreciations and anything in return ever. Start giving even if it means saying a few words of encouragement to your security guard. Try giving your time to people for no gain of yours. You will soften up slowly.


If you have achieved this then most likely you can roam around in shorts and flip-flops for rest of your life and people would only be awed by you. You would become a trendsetter and people would say how someone so “simple” as you can do such great things. Great things? Oh well, have bank accounts touching the moon. If you have the money you have power and with the power, you can rule the world however you like. Some will listen to you out of love and some with fear but you would be heard and seen. Though you can afford plastic surgery, you don’t need to trouble your body with that because does it matter? Unless it matters to you!!


Beauty lies in the eyes of a beholder. Be that beholder for yourself and compliment yourself for that beauty you see. It’s only when you see and believe, “others” would.

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