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Hello Alien from Planet Earth. How are you?

I sometimes wonder if this inner person in me[probably it is the soul] feels exactly like how I feel now in the body, when it is not in the body. I wonder whether this soul has lived many lives and knows a lot more than I think I know. I also wonder whether this soul has been to various planets, galaxies and whatever there is beyond.

Sometimes I feel that there is this one thin wall, curtain to rise before I recollect everything.

Like I can feel the presence sometimes and I get scared[human conditioning] and excited[soul's connections] at the same time, to remember or to meet them all again.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, today we are on woo-2 mode. I want to talk and share my heart today regarding this.

I'm very much in my human senses and maybe that's the blockage to see the bigger picture, to see what's beyond. But that means the science and the doctors can't call me mental.

Having said that, I would like to say that this curiosity to know, to decipher the truth, arises on and off which might be due to the wonderful imaginary stories I have come across over the years.

I am talking about the concept of a soul or a spirit that never dies and changes bodies.

The body can be in form of any living being on earth like humans, animals, plants, etc.

The body can be on any planet or whatever there is that is not what we know as the earth in the form of aliens and other living beings wherever they reside.

And then, there are concepts that are heard about that might be real or imagined or created to play with the minds of curious ones like me.

Concepts like the existence of Starseeds, rainbow children, lightworkers and there are many names. From my understanding of not much research, these are souls who were born outside earth at one point and now have been born as humans. So such souls can be called old souls who have knowledge of other worlds.

Of course, a lot of memory goes in dormant mode when we transit from one body to another. That again is a theory I have heard about.

And that makes me think often when I don't connect with the earth and what happens on earth that

do I even belong here?
Would my people come in what Earthians call UFO to pick me and take me away to where I belong?

Yes, please laugh and I totally get it, along with the concern if any of you have towards me to take me to a doctor. But these are passing thoughts and not that I am not living in the Now and the Present. Plus I have only heard and read and very little experienced it myself which means there are many many many people who need to go to the psychiatrist before me. Umm... after establishing this a couple of times I am not going to explain or justify it any further because that breaks my flow to write and think here.

So these souls who have travelled to earth seem to have some mission or purpose[hopefully a good one for everyone]. And whether they have missions or not they definitely have some knowledge that can be dug upon to see how it can help Earth and its people.

Also, I said I do not connect to what's happening on Earth could be one of the lessons I came here to learn. To be able to connect with Earth/ Earthians. Or to be able to merge me with the earth just like I did with other places. Because MAYBE

the end goal of a soul is to merge with everyone and everything.

Who knows?

When I say I do not connect with Earth doesn't mean the physical planet. I mean the Earthians, the people, we humans. My own kinds if I may say so. And it is very much a possibility that this could be some sort of an escape route[as per the psychology] of people who cannot mingle around. They start imagining like me, of a better and beautiful world. Very much possible. But does that not hold true for many of us and not just me? We all want to tweak something or the other to suit ourselves. We don't know how or we do not have the courage to take action but we definitely want to.

Some blend-in. Some don't.

I often talk to my little niece like this:

"Hello Alien from Planet Earth. How are you?"

Suggesting to her that I am from outside Earth and she is an alien to me. She cracks open when I do that. Oh well!! Blame me for planting this seed in her head. But so many movies and cartoons do that already so I guess it is accepted by parents, in general.

A lot of stress is laid upon going within with the help of techniques like meditation to open the 3rd eye and awaken the kundalini. I have a feeling that after all this happens to people, one of the things they become aware of, is this what I have mentioned so far and it is again not my experience as such, in my knowingness as of now.

Why do I feel aloof and distant from what's happening here on earth?

A realist answer could be because when one is moving around without a known/aware purpose or a plan everything seems meaningless. And hence so much stress is laid upon having goals in life so you remain in the movement of Earth's current lifestyle.

The woo-2 answer could be because I came from a much-evolved place/planet and all the unorganisation here on Earth leads to unrest. It could mean I have teething issues to settle down. It could also mean I am too attached to my previous habitat, inhabitants and hence unable to build a home here.

yes! Everything is going on in the subconscious mind.

Little did we think that souls can go through all this. With the help of my imagination, we know it now. Or probably, someone already has said it somewhere. Who knows!?

I had other things going on in my mind that I wanted to write down here but at this very moment, I got distracted and cannot think of them. Maybe next time!!

Have a beautiful life :)

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