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Am I lucky? Or am I lucky?

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Over a decade ago, I had a #realization, that I am a #lucky person !!

The last one to get in or

the chosen one or

a new door has always been opened when the original one was closed for me.

Almost like, missing on MK’s #sale and bumping into the best deal ever of LV. [Now am I talking #brands for no reason? Yeh!].

Only a few years ago, my luck #bubble burst. Everything just blasted out. It was like an #explosion of solid, liquid, gases, spirit… all at once !!

Right now I am in quite a #positive state of mind, so I can only imagine the description above as something really beautiful, even funny, but believe me, it was ugly! Still have some #residue remaining to be cleared [I’m on it !!]

Moving on… we come to the present moment, the #NOW, which is a few years ahead of those few years gone by. And I am quite lucky again !!

Well, so what is this luck?

Is it really about being in the right place, at the right time [and the drill goes on…] or the #alignment of stars and planets or is it how we perceive every situation and react to it? And by the reaction, I mean all sorts of reactions: physical, mental, spiritual. [Yes! #spiritualreactions, some other time on it].

No! I’m not really writing-off the magical luck that we have known it to be or that what the dictionary would define. All I am trying to say is, isn’t luck, also about, our inner health, mental stability and emotional state… that gradually we can learn to regulate…?

A weak receptivity to a situation is more dangerous than an unlucky situation itself.

And of course, higher powers work in mysterious ways. They want to have fun by not showing us what a great blessing they shower upon us, by creating bad luck situations in our lives. So while we are sobbing on a part of our body being amputated, we do not realize until later or sometimes not even later, that the part we lost was soon to affect the entire physical body. [Sounds like I had #cancer on my mind :)]

Something to make it sound day-to-day?

Yesterday was a beautiful day when I got an opportunity to be a leader in a situation. That was the beginning of the day. And then the schedule of the day was very #synchronized.

I wanted to meet a person, the person called me.

I wanted to learn something, the teacher appeared and I was very happy about the entire plan. But it had few minor so-called bad lucks on the way.

I went to a nice restaurant, ordered a dish which I had eaten before in the same place, but it was cooked carelessly.

Went for an ice cream and it was served melted-frozen. Melted-frozen would be: imagine a snowman melting and then you pick it up and deep freeze it. It would freeze but still look deformed. So yeh, that was how the ice cream was.

Moved on to a coffee shop, to beat the heat and to pass some remainder time. What happens? Electricity in the café goes off. How many times does it happen in #Mumbai that electricity is not there? Rare!

So yeh! It was #badluck, right? But breathing in and breathing out and laughing out loud, helps and creates such bad luck situations into what the hell you think of yourself luck?

I was lucky not to eat all those junk calories!

I was lucky to find out how much I can laugh in such situations.

I was lucky to be aware of my irritation level arising and being able to stabilise it.

Sounds like a mechanics job! Engineering. Well yes! Inner Engineering :) [No, #Sadhguru did not pay me for this nor does he needs to].

My 2 cents on this would be,

let the #stars and the #planets and the World and the #Universe and The Galaxies roam around and do their job,

let good luck and bad luck take turns,

All you must do and believe and tell them is:

GAME’S ON, I Know… AND I AM READY… to play it fair and square… and with love.

Why bring love? Love has special magical powers! Love can definitely get the Milky Way Align for us. But then again, #love has so many grades. Haha…

Have a good one, to all the beautiful souls out there. Take Care. :)

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