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Your Life is a Diary to share?

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

Hello there! People from #Planet #Earth !! [If anybody else is reading it, please #comment down below].

I wanted to talk about Personal Diaries today.


If I remember it correctly, from the year I was introduced to this word/concept I fell in #love with it and I always kept one.

I think I was told that #personaldiaries are #diaries in which one writes daily about how their day was in a personal, informal way. #norules


I tried that format for a while but it doesn't work out for me that way. A diary to me is much more than that. And I write only when I feel like it and not daily.

I write about my day in it,

about my #collective days,

my To-Dos, Goals, Wishes, #affirmations, Mission... there's no limit.

I plan a trip in it.

Write important dates and contact details in it.

I even write my profound ideas and philosophies in it.

My diaries have helped me narrow down during the time of decision-making.

My diaries have been the pillow I have held and cried...

My #fitness and #food schedules.

Dates that I am menstruating.

My weight-body fat-muscle BMI comparison.

You name it and my diary does that for me.

For most of these things we have APPs #now and we could use #microsoft words and excel. But I like to mix it up, even though my long term goal is to have separate diaries for each of them.

My Diary is my rough book, my brainstorming conference room, my friend in need, my lover[why not?], my God.

It is me talking to me.

And hence, many times I haven't needed anyone to talk to as such.

Many times I have noticed that when I do talk to someone in person, I write less in my diary. In my world, that's a huge achievement of that person.


As a child, I would use a basic brown cover notebook.

And then when I was opened to the fancy world of diaries and stationaries I realised I didn't want this personal space of mine to get any attention. I wasn't ready to share my world with anyone.

And when I felt the need for security... I created an email address dedicated only to write my thoughts. Felt safe but did not satisfy me at all.

I switched back to writing in physical diaries. Call me old school, but whatever makes me happy right?

I once bought a unique diary from #amazon. Nice leather-looking cover and really good quality pages. It had everything ready. I just had to fill in the blanks daily, monthly, yearly. I almost could relate to the mind behind the creator of that #planner wrt it. I still have that book but I finally realised MY STYLE... I want blank pages with lines... to fill it my way. No Rules!! haha


A year ago I met a person and she found out that I write diaries and then once they fill up, I tear the pages and discard it. She was shocked! She said she mails her diaries to her home if she is out travelling for months and years.

And that made me think. I was discarding them so that no one else reads it. To clear up my space. To get rid of old thoughts. These seem like the thoughts behind my action.

What I didn't realise was, I was discarding some great ideas, experiences of my life too. Some of the #ideas, I would later see happening in a big way and I would be like woh! I thought about it too... well that's the difference between achievers and others...

I read somewhere once that one single idea comes to the minds of many and around the same time but the ones who back it up with consistent action are the achievers.

And I think by discarding the idea book completely was worse than not doing anything with it because there would be no hope left then.

I still feel my diaries are my private affair. Wouldn't like them to be snooped-in by anybody.

But I believe that I am now ready to share some of myself with others. And maybe instead of shredding my diary, I would like to share it with everyone to read it.

I am ready for all the #love and criticism. I am #ready.


And that's what I would like to #share today.

It's ok to be in your shell if that's what you like.

But don't be inside it out of #fear. Fear would help nobody. Fear would always dig deeper graves for you. [Did I use the word #grave twice today? hmm...]

Don't be inside the #shell because you do not want to share your #knowledge with others. Knowledge can help. Your #experiences however trivial or important they may be to you, try to have a big heart and share it.

Taking all you have in the grave with you may not lead to anything. Sharing it can probably lead to something. Even if looking at your experience someone decides not to take that path because that path had thorns. Well, your #failure can help others if you share it. So that they can take a different route.

I hope this is not getting complicated. But oh well...

May your "shell" be your Throne where you relax courageously and with an open heart.


You may or may not be into writing diaries. But we all have something to share from our lives' experiences. YOUR LIFE IS A DIARY and my request would be to share the parts of it in their original form with everyone. If not with everyone then at least with people who are willing to hear it.

One must walk their talk, so from now on, I'll be sharing my contemplations, reflections, plans, wishes and even doodles.

My Diary/Life right from the crawling stage... i.e. from NOW. 

Deep Breathe And Smile Always.

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