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Whom are you fooling? Come out of your shell!

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

How many times does it happen that we set ourselves a #goal or a few and soon find ourselves deviating? How many times have we made a #NewYearResolution and see it poof-away on the very next day? How many times have we made #commitments for our #selfdevelopment and yet ran away from it as if we saw a #ghost?

We #plan! We #fail!

We plan higher! We fail again!

We plan diligently with proper rulers and pencils, formatting the best layout of our #dream life! But then again, We fail!

What is it that stops us? And what is it that keeps us bringing back to it?

What stops us probably is lack of #discipline and various other factors like #fears. Fears that we have developed over the years [may be lives! who knows?]

Fear of #failure [leading you to fail]

Fear of #judgment or being laughed at [still people do make remarks and mock at you]

Fear of God [like #God has ever told you directly, what he wants and what if you don’t comply by it]

And am sure there are many other types of fears well-researched by People Of Planet Earth, categorizing and sub-categorizing them under the major fears or fears under which all fears exist.

My point is, what stops us many times is fear and then some of us would say: this person stopped me, that situation stopped me or even floods in Mumbai stopped me !!

It’s easy to blame someone else, someone outside of you and bailout. And what is easy is always what we go for!

We want to have sky-high dreams and wishes and yet the effort-level we want to put in is “easy”. Well yes! Some of us are #gifted and it works but somewhere one needs to work on a not-so-easy level to make things work.

I’m sounding like God now and a person with a lot of experience and a person who has seen ups and downs of life and then came out with flying colours with grace and poise. Well, my answer to that is: One Day Soon! I’m Working On It [in my capacity, with my known resources, with my #principles].

So having known a gist of what stops us, have you pondered over why do you still keep coming back to your dream/goal/wish?

Well, it could be because that is the best you can do, it could be your #innercalling, it could be that you were born to do that, it could be that once you do that the #Universe will become a better place to live in.

Let’s not think too high, let’s just say maybe because deep down you know, the picture of the fulfilment of that dream of yours makes you #Happy. And being happy is all that is, a normal human full of desires looks at.

So something which makes you happy and yet you are unable to achieve it mainly due to your #inhibitions.

If a person stops you then find out, why? If that why weighs more than your happiness.

Nothing is more important than your happiness. You can only spread happiness if you have your own cup overflowing.

Well… funny thing is we human beings are genius, before the cup is near to getting filled, we replace it with a larger cup. So maybe to such normal human beings, my suggestion would be don’t wait for the cup to be full, keep sharing your happiness, the happiness would grow multifold when you share. [I know how to catch you, by showing you a benefit-lolly].

So where were we?

Yes! Analyse the person stopping you and maybe you will realize he/she is right or he/she is not and accordingly take your step ahead but just don’t stay in the middle, in the grey zone. [Not saying grey is not my fav colour, it’s nice, I like it]. And maybe in future, that person has changed his/her mind or the person is dead and yet you are stuck to the thought that, THAT PERSON stopped me. Whom are you fooling? Come out of your shell!

Now comes the situation part. Sometimes it is best to wait for a situation to change and sometimes we need to kick the door of the situation hard enough so it changes. Situations change and sometimes we do not let them change. And when you don’t allow it to change, ask yourself: Whom are you fooling? Come out of your shell!

And what about the #Mumbai floods we spoke about? Well it’s best don’t go about swimming in it, wait! Floods or terrorists, Mumbai kicks back-in, in no time and so should you! And if you don’t, then tell yourself: Whom are you fooling? Come out of your shell!

I am purposely not giving examples because many times the same story can have 2 different meanings. The same #story can have interchanged behaviours in the same role. So it’s not good to do name-calling. That’s what I feel like doing right now. But never know what happens in the next post. I am easy that way.

So, let me stop the merry go round. All I am trying to say is: if we have some beautiful desires, wishes, goals, plans, purposes of life we think are worth it, we should, MUST keep working on them, even if we get a thousand fails because a thousand fails are actually a #1000 times you have hit the door to your success and it probably is the 1001st time, that it is going to flung open for you. For your happiness, to ooze out and spread.

So don’t stop when you fall, take a pause, maybe a reboot and refresh to Start Again.

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