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Excuse me! Do you think we have met before?

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

I have seen you before! Where have I seen you?

Do you #work in the #mall or have I seen you on TV? HAVE WE MET BEFORE?

Isn’t this the oldest pick-up line of all times?

Well, it won’t be surprising if at least once in a lifetime, you were asked this question or probably you asked this to someone.

Well! In my case? I get asked that ALL THE TIME, ALL THE TIME, even now [after I am a #million years old].

And, I don’t get annoyed by this #ancient question.

[Hungry for attention?] Not so much !!

[Then why?] Because I know the person asking this question is asking earnestly.

[What rubbish!] Hmm… so here begins another story of Shikha…

People from all #age groups, both genders and different parts of #India or even #World have asked me this question.

They have matched my face with men and women both. It’s funny because from a very analytical angle if you see, my face is very much #feminine.

Let’s rule out that

when I would go to my #mother’s village,

people would recognise me as her #daughter and

when I would go to my father’s village,

people would recognise me as his daughter.

But that part helped me get rid of my #childhood deep-rooted dilemma,

“Am I my parent’s #biological daughter?” Well, that’s another story.

So, the thing is, my face, just like my name, is really very


familiar or

I have certain distinct features [like my broad forehead], which gets spotted easily, leading to the question.

Now, why am I telling this? I am hunting for topics to write here, someone asked this question recently and I thought let’s take a lead from here and then we’ll see.

So what will we see? Hmm…

I sometimes feel, is there a reason why this is so?

I’m completely thinking in #pastlife, spiritual context.

Have I lived so many lives in the past, that now when I meet people, they think they have seen me before because probably they have been with me, in one of my lives?

Was I #famous #personality in my past life that people find me familiar? Maybe it’s not the face then, and maybe it’s my #soul. Haha

Is there a #connection between this and how I feel that every person I meet has something in common with me? I feel like they are similar to me in many ways.

Am sure there is a study somewhere that human behaviour patterns or thoughts can be categorised into a handful of them and hence we tend to find commonalities between every person we meet.

But my mind of course ponders deeper, if there is any #spiritual backup[reason] behind it that why I feel ONE with most of the people. I see myself in them.

And is this the reason why I have such a camouflaging face?

I don’t think it is a good idea to share pictures of strangers I met and happened to click pictures with, but now I have started realizing how much I lookalike 2 different looking people. For instance, A & B do not look like each other but A & B look like me. Eh! Am I cooking it up? If I am, then not intentionally.

Eyes are a window to the soul and probably our souls subconsciously recognise each other even if our conscious mind just gets a #spark and comes out with wonderful reasoning that oh! You look like the person I hired to be a surrogate mother for my child because I loved her smile, which is exactly like yours.

I might sound sarcastic here but actually, I feel great when people come and tell me this. I feel special. Maybe I am always ready to feel #special.

I wonder how many of you are going to go and check my picture now. It’s on the homepage btw.

I don’t know what more to say on this for now, so I would end it here.

I would like to know if you too have a 3D-100D face like me or in simple words

a face which every 3rd person you meet, thinks is familiar. Would be wonderful if you would share your story and if you have any in-depth true knowledge on that because it might just answer many of my questions and open some doors for me.

Deep Breathe and Smile Always :)

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