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10 amazing ways on How to Spend a Rainy Day !!

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

It is official, It's #Monsoon Time here in #Mumbai !!

The #winds have been announcing it since a week, the #clouds have been wearing their blue armour for the last time in the #summer of 2020 before they could change to the grey outfit [did someone say, grey is the new black?] and I want to be totally crazy and say that I could #feel the land preparing to soak-in, all of it...

Oh well! I was sleeping when it happened but did I see the watered roads? Of course!

It was like a final round of cleaning done, after the 2 months of auto-detox happening everywhere on Mother Earth. #gratitutecorona

Mumbai rains are one of its kinds and I am quite sure they are amazing everywhere. And as per a quick google search, it rains nearly everywhere at some point or the other.

My relation with #rains is ancient and special. A friend who comes down for a vacation once a year. It's dreamy.

Today, I want to share some of my very SIMPLE ideas to enjoy the rain.


Easie-peasie: Just GET OUT. And when you do that make sure it is raining cats and dogs. Sure, if you are sensitive to catching #cold with water hitting your head directly, you could take an #umbrella with you or a #raincoat with front open and hoodie on.

Take someone along with you or go on your own. I have some good memories with friends and children. Don't worry about the puddles and muck. Enjoy the mud bath and natural #shower. Keep your mind away and simply FLOW. Let your #makeup wash away from your face and even let all the unhappiness drown.

You would probably want to do a slight #prepep at home before leaving. Keep a cloth at the main door to soak in the dripping water to avoid dirtying the house when you are back. Have your towel and clothes ready to wear after a quick warm shower you take, first thing after reaching home. Going out once or twice like this, to experience is cool, more than that is a bit risky. 


Can I say that the "Traditional Rain Food" in India is the fried pakoda with #tea?

But anything warm is enjoyed that can include admiring the rain through the long glass wall of a cafe while sipping #hotchocolate to gorging on the bhutta [#corn] at the beach.

Now, this is one of my favourite things to do, get out in the rain, buy #icecandy and eat it in the rain. Just crazy fun. Only when I don't do this, I fall sick. [Warning: Not to be done at home. Do this at your own risk.]

I even used to collect money from my class in college from everyone who wanted to eat ice candy while it was raining and volunteer to get out in the rain to buy those and bring it in the #college premises for everybody. 


As a kid, I would enjoy making #paperboats of different sizes, drop them from my terrace and watch them floating in the water stream. You could go a little bit more #crafty with your child or you don't need a child to do this. Bring out the child from within !! So yeh, probably paint and decorate the boat before you send it out to sail on the streams of rainwater.

You could try it in a tub in your bathroom if you can't go out on the roads.

Maybe write down a message on it for someone to find it... just like #messageinthebottle.


Rainy season sometimes gets gloomy and messy and inconvenient. But one needs to handle things in #style. You can go all wacky or stick to classics but come on! show us your monsoon style! Sure you don't wear the slippery slippers or ready to go transparent clothes. Or maybe you do. How do your #protect your money, books, documents and dear cellphone from the rain? Do you go monsoon #shopping every year or do you take out your monsoon gears from the trunk? How about waterproof makeup?

Is it just me or it's true that no #waterproofmakeup stands for a long time in the rain.


Go out in nature if you can and absorb the damp beauty. There would be creepy crawlies and dirt around but go past that and observe. See how the trees and plants are beaming with happiness. How the parched land has quenched its thirst and looks content. How the #flowers are smiling and #birds are chirping. Learn, if you can, anything from them.

Along with just lo! and behold! the nature, there are other choices you have too. Hiking, trekking and adventure sports. You could probably walk a trail in a national park [#borivalinationalpark] near you with a knowledgable #naturalist who can guide you with the flora and fauna around or look for things like waterfall #rappelling in and around your city. Whatever pleases you. A single tree under the sky outside your home's window can make you happy if you allow yourself. TRY IT! : )

Here starts my special crazy points to-try to-do.


All the inner chat you have been doing since weeks, months or decades, i.e. if you have been, LET IT ALL OUT. Let all your hidden #emotions and inner dialogue come out. Out loud or in writing or typing, whatever suits you.

It could be as simple as what colour dress you want to wear to a #party and all your pros and cons, why's and because behind it

TO some trivial life decisions like should you become a #surgeon or a #paediatrician.

I mean you never know, what's juggling on your mind... and it doesn't have to be making decisions and choices, it can be anything... seeing your roadmap so far and reflecting upon how you feel about it and if you wish to bring about any changes. You know what I mean, right? So just BLAB IT OUT! Do not judge yourself on your choice of words or thoughts... be true and honest to yourself and that will bring you true peace and quietude in your mind to be better than what you already are.


Now, what's the difference between Talk and Blab? Well by a talk I mean communicate with others. Sit in your fancy balcony or by your window while enjoying the downpour. You probably couldn't go out for work or to your school and after all your #WFH you have time to spare. Call a near & dear one. Catch up with them. Reminiscence on the past may be how both of you spent a rainy day in the past. Maybe there was something you wanted to talk about in a long time and today with this added strength by the #raindrops, your emotions are ready to flow out. [P.s.: Do not #propose on the phone unless you think it would be too late if you didn't].

You could talk to someone telepathically also. If you believe in it. Do it. Maybe you cannot talk to this person anymore due to a small or big fight or because you don't have the person's number or you don't know the person[he/she is your dream girl/boy or God] or there was this natural distance created in the past. Whatever the reason may be, go crazy and talk to this person and talk it all out as if the person is with you in real.

Many times, many buried emotions and negative energies are released and make us feel better.

It can be called a #psychological technique if #telepathy is too much for you to digest.

In my case, I have had people reach out to me, just because I thought of them. So go figure out the power of #magic people :) You can do this at any other time also, but right now let rain be the excuse/push.


I don't know how this came to my mind at number 8. But rains and #romance go hand in hand. I know people in love find reasons to express but rain is like one big event, and it is my belief. So if you have a romantic partner... Go crazy!

Can I say that sharing an umbrella and kissing under it, is an Indian version of a #mistletoe #kiss? Well but you don't need an umbrella... dance in the rain holding hands may be creating your personal #Bollywood song scene. Or simply cuddle up with your partner on your couch drinking #Jasmine Tea[if that is your thing] and chat or play some lovey-dovey games or watch TV. Call it a #date !!


OH! That's a big word, overused by many and felt it in the heart by many too. You too try it. Gaze at the sky, ponder over various things in your life that you feel grateful of and say #thankyou in words or your mind. Feel it. Smile. If you can't find any reason, they say, thank that you can breathe, that you have eyes to see and ears to hear. Start like that and then maybe you would find many more things. An attitude of #gratitude is indeed a good process to bring you on some good track if your mind waivers.

With the Rain Gods right in front of you, I would call it a good opportunity to thank the giver in person.


Show #kindness to your employees if they are late for work. Do not exempt them from work though.

Drive with ease without doing #chhapaak [splashing water] on the people walking on the road, trying to save themselves on every step to remain dry and clean.

Give someone in need something as small as an old raincoat because you bought a new trendy one.

Also, look around for animals in your surrounding who might need some care.

The #joy you would feel after doing such small acts of kindness will be invaluable.

Besides that, smell the fragrance of the wet soil,

let the droplets fall in your face[make sure your eyes are closed]

open your arms wide and just soak it all in. It's a beautiful feeling!

Immerse in the beauty of nature.

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