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My Experience: Day 1 Jain Oli Fasting.

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

#Jainism is a #religion. I am a #Jain by birth. I am not religious. I am curious about every religion, etc. I am not agnostic, neither does my #God have a name. You can call me curious explorer or simply confused. Labels don't matter.

I believe, every religion, #rituals, etc have had some meaning at the time they were designed. They should be questioned, explained and updated as per every situation.

#Fasting is a known ritual in many or every religion.

In Jainism too there are various types of fasts one can do which have their own strict rules to follow. And some even have days fixed. Like the one I am talking about today called OLI.

#NavpadOli happens twice in a year around the time when #season changes. Duration is 9 days and 9th day I believe is always a #fullmoon. I do not know the science behind doing this fast but I certainly do feel there is one. This season the dates are March 31st to April 8th, 2020'

Some people call it #detox, some people call it spring/winter #cleansing when you remove the religious aspect to it.

The little I googled, every day is designated to one important category to be worshipped, every day there is a menu to follow, prayer and stories to hear.

I don't know the story, neither the prayer. My #mother might be knowing. Sorry, if you are here for detailed information regarding Oli. This is just about my personal experience and understanding and views.

This type of fast is called: #Aaymbil / Aambil/ Ayambil.

So food rules are: one cannot eat sugar, oil, dairy and some even follow not eating salt. No fresh fruits and veggies. No spices: only salt and pepper and maybe saunth[dry ginger powder]. So basically boiled pulses, legumes, grains and water after it has been boiled.

Can eat only once in a day between 12 noon to 3 pm, ideally for about 40 mins.

Can drink the cooled down boiled water before sunset.

There are mantras and vows to take but let me not get into that.

In every locality, Jain #community organises it and cooks an elaborate #menu so that fasting doesn't seem boring [may be that is the reason] but one can do at their own homes also, like me. Esp. coz #lockdown #coronavirus time is on. We are all home for 21 days in a #curfew-like situation. But it's not that bad. Just hoping the #pandemic gets eradicated asap.

This is what my mom cooked for me on Day 1.

2. Moong Sabut [Whole Green Gram]

3. Moong Sabut soup/water

4. Wheat chapati/roti/bread

5. Rice

6. Besan + Wheat Khakhra [Besan is flour made out of split brown chickpeas/ chana daal] [Khakhra is like a crisp baked cracker/ papad]

I was stuffed because I am not used to eating large quantities at one time.

I do get the craving to eat something else when I see my family is eating such #yummy food.

I am not really hungry/ starving.

Why am I doing it when I am not religious? This time to cleanse my body and I feel like experiencing this as a #challenge or as observe what happens to my body & mind, spiritually speaking.

I have a #rootcanal due so I do have a bearable constant headache but that has to wait until the lockdown. I also have not been feeling very healthy since the past few days/weeks but I had decided I would do this so I am just going for it. Will stop in case my health deteriorates.

umm... rest is all good. We all are watching #Ramayan series the old DD one day and night. My brother has the series. So that's cool. Kids of today are also enjoying it, which is impressive. Maybe they are inclined themselves.

Alright then, hope to write down again tom.

take good care : )

[ I did not continue fasting because I got my #periods and I wanted to eat comfort food ;) ]

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