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It seemed like, that I was the only person in the room who didn't know about Reiki. And yet, I landed coincidently in that place that taught me Reiki.


I am a spiritual, not a very religious person. I am logical at the same time I believe in some unknown power, ENERGY. I like to learn everything with an open mind but I only believe with experience and practice. Reiki is one of those things that has come in my life that I want to believe it to be true but I haven't practised enough to completely vouch for it.

Will talk more about my #reiki #healing experience and how you can help me understand it better, further ahead but for now, the question to answer, for people who are in the place where I was a few years ago.

What is Reiki?


First from the mouth of the wise[me]: Reiki is a healing energy that is showered from The Source upon the Reiki Healer who in turn can transmit this energy for healing purposes. Reiki Natural Healing Treatment comes under Alternative Healing Therapy. It is a spiritual practice that was spread by a Japanese healer OR reiki practitioner named Mikao Usui. Usui Shiki Ryoho is the system of reiki he practised.

I feel reiki is similar energy that is portrayed in many photographs, sculptures and explained in many movies but the mastery level of them must be the highest.

Reiki Healer


Reiki Healer is a person who has been initiated by a senior reiki healer called Master, Guru, etc. Initiation or attunement is a ritual that is conducted by the senior healer to open the #channel that connects the person with the source that provides reiki energy.

Free Reiki


Well, I honestly don't know. Assumptions are source is God, Universal Energy, etc. I feel we all have it in us but the initiation process probably makes it easier. It's almost like the pipeline to the source was always there but for a profuse flow and connection, initiation is required.


Reiki falls under Alternative Healing Therapies. Reiki energy helps in doing a #natural healing treatment.

Reiki is said to heal on all levels and spheres. In the past, present and future. Physical, Mental & Spiritual. eg. It can help you heal with an ailment. It can help you mend relationships. It can help you create desirable situations. Sounds like #magic to me!

Free Reiki Healing Prayer


A human can receive it, a plant can receive it, a fish, water, planet Earth and beyond can receive it. In short, any person, thing and even situation can receive it.

Situation? For instance, you see 2 people fighting, you can give reiki and the situation can be controlled. If they were going to kill each other, probably someone would come and stop them, if they were going to break up, probably it wouldn't break on an ugly note or won't break at all. It all depends.

Karma, destiny and free will have a different role to play too.

Reiki Energy


It is natural to assume that you would feel a magical current passing through your body and you would start flying and what not! But in truth, you may feel nothing at all. And yet it is said, that healing still takes place.

  1. The palms of the healer get warm and the warmth can be felt by the receiver. [My logical mind says that when 2 bodies connect, warmth is natural]. But it's true that my palms hardly use to be warm but after reiki attunement, the normal temperature of my palms is warmer.

  2. Some people feel some #energy like that of a magnetic pull and push.

  3. Or an energy as if some particles are moving out of the palms.

  4. Some people feel fresh, energised and happy after they have received reiki.

Never the less, whether you feel it or not, it is said, Reiki reaches you and reaches where it is most needed.

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I was going through a rough time and I bumped into a #FREE reiki session on Instagram. I didn't have any knowledge about reiki but the poster used the word "healing" and that caught my attention. I saw some of my common friends and figured that the institute was then a reputed place. Even though I was a bit skeptical and scared, it just happened that I decided to try it.

It was a room full of people. I received a 1-hour palm touch reiki healing session. I didn't understand what happened at the end of it but the entire process was interesting.

In reiki usually, an energy exchange is asked even if it is FREE. Since it was free that day, everyone was dropping a small token of minimum Rs. 100 in the glass bowl.

And then after about 2 months, Reiki 1 course happened.

Reiki Level 1, Touch healing


After one is initiated in Reiki Level 1, he/she can give touch-healing. The person or thing receiving needs to be physically present. Touching what? It all depends. It could be touching the energy channels/ chakra points. It could be touching the part of the body that is affected or in pain. It could be a full-body Reiki session, where you touch some major points.


  1. Everything is done with clothes ON and

  2. private parts are not touched, especially if you are a stranger.

  3. You can tell the healer or the reiki practitioner any place you are not comfortable to be touched at.

  4. Touch is always a gentle one, a light placement of palms.

  5. It is not a massage!!

Practice: After one is initiated into Reiki 1, one is asked to self-practice/ self-heal daily, at least for an hour for 21 days in a stretch. It sounded like it is an important process of activation post-initiation and so I did it.

Reiki 2 happened rather quickly for me. But the time gap was appropriate as per the institution.

Reiki Level 2, Distance Healing, Remote


After doing Reiki 2, a reiki practitioner can send reiki remotely. Distance Healing is possible!!

Practice: After initiation, I was asked to practice once a day for 21 days without break on people.

Experience: Now, this was really fascinating. Some of the people gave feedback saying they felt something unusual. Some people reached out to me intuitively/ coincidently after receiving Reiki from me. My belief definitely became stronger!


In my knowledge, there is one last level of Reiki after this. Just like Reiki 1 & Reiki 2, I don't have any plan to learn Reiki 3. But if it has to happen, it will. And then, I shall update this space.


  1. We were told that there are no side effects to Reiki because if anything had to happen it would have happened by now to the innumerable reiki healers.

  2. What can happen is, the process taught in Level 2 is not done with finesse. So when that is not done, then reiki won't reach. But no harm to anyone, even then.

  3. When I was in Vipassana, we were asked not to practice any other practices like reiki during the 10-days to experience #vipassana exclusively. But they also didn't say anything bad about Reiki.

  4. If I remember it correctly then, #Sadhguru of #Isha Foundation tells in a video not to practice reiki. I think the reason he gave was that during the process the healer can receive the negativity of the person receiving reiki. I think it was Sadhguru or was it someone else?

Well, so this is the only side effect. And for it, self-healing reiki practice could be the answer to protect oneself as a healer.

One needs to be strong enough to be able to heal others.


Now, this is something I am sure everyone likes it. It is like a wish box. You write down a specific wish. It can be an affirmation. Put it in the box. Give reiki to it often. Wish is said to come true. :)


Many mouths many stories...

  1. Some say reiki poofs-away if not used regularly. [In that case, mine has poofed away]. Some say it doesn't [Well then we can have hope from me]

  2. Some say it increases if you use [Let's find out. When you SIGN UP, I would use it more.]

  3. Some say you shouldn't reveal the details to anyone who is not initiated. But then if you google reiki, you would find everything. You can even buy books.

  4. Some say reiki should be done like a serious ritual, sitting or lying down. Some say reiki is like a mother, she would protect you even if you use it in a bathroom, while moving around. No rules, just play and experiment with reiki and be surprised. [I like this version].

  5. Faith? Some say faith is required. Some say it isn't.

  6. Permission: Some say it is required to take permission from someone before sending it to them. Some say permission is not required because Reiki only heals and healing is a good thing.


It is said that reiki reaches where it is most needed. If you are reading this, it is probably you needed to get in contact with something that is here. It could be me, the concept of reiki or probably just to receive a FREE Reiki Prayer inclusion.

Why Reiki has found me? I don't know.

May be so that I could heal others in need and myself in the process.

To be included in my FREE Reiki Prayer you can SIGN UP to my blog. You will receive amazing weekly emails from me updating you with the latest happening on my side.


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