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10 Remarkable Indian Skincare Brands you need to try now !

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

hello, People from Planet Earth!!

This write-up is a part of my Made in India Series.

Like many Indians, I have been attracted to foreign markets/#labels. And hence, I've tried less Indian brands comparatively.

I also realised that personally for me, there was a time, the #packaging of a product spoke a lot. Mainly in terms of hygienic manufacturing conditions. And I think Indian brands should work on the #looks and I have seen that they are working on it, beautifully. Because unless and until one is given a #magicalpotion by a person one knows is legit, one would always look for a "better looking" thing. 

After having tried a fair share number of skincare products, I have realised some products are good, some are bad and most of them are neither good nor bad.

The process that I like to call Cart Or Discard happens here. If you like it you #cart it again[repurchase] and if you do not like it you #discard it. You look for other options.

My scope of looking for other options has now expanded to look for things in my own Country also and not just outside.

Enlisted below are a few of the Brands that I have used or are commonly found on the shelves of #supermarkets. They look good and since I have seen them around for a long time I am guessing that they have been liked also.


I have been going to #kayaskinclinic for services and for buying its products since probably the time they started this venture. I do have my likes and dislikes. But overall I am very happy with them. I think they say that their products are water-based. I don't know what that means. But I can definitely say that the products are of good quality. They use whites and good quality packaging giving it a look of a doctor wearing a premium label outfit. I think they have become #covid19-proof and reopened their clinics.


I have used various products from them and I really love some of their range/ fragrances. The name, the stores, the bottles and the entire feel is of a Rich & Royal India. The fragrances are what I would call Indian fragrances. I've seen India #Sephora having a section of it as well. I think my last purchase before the #lockdown was from #forestessentials. I also like their gift boxes and have bought many of them to #gift it to my near and dear ones.


FabIndia gives a very modest look. It is not a skin-only label. They do clothes, furniture, organic foods and many other things. Maybe if someone wants to give a traditional Indian look to their entire living, along with keeping it simple, this place is a good pick. Skincare specific they have a wide range. The packaging if kept on its own without the brand name may not be ooh-wow but it's of good #quality and #environment friendly. The products that I have used were pretty good. One can find #fabindia outlets in airports, malls and all the important shopping places.


TNC has been in the market for a very long time and I believe that with the products it has, it should remain in the market for a very long time too. For some reason, their outlets have shut down in my city. But it is very much available online. They even started something called the #monthlysubscription box system. You receive many samples or even full-size products of #thenaturesco in that box. Their branding revolves around the 5 #elements of #nature at the same time they give modern look to themselves.


I have recently purchased a few of its products and I am quite happy with the whole deal. I think their branding revolves around #Ayurveda. I think they say they have all #natural ingredients. The packaging is fantastic. My skin feels good after using it. I will definitely look into more of these.

Website: I think #medimix doesn't have its website. Its online selling seems to be on #amazon#nykaa, etc]


I was introduced to #maearthbotanicals by one of the monthly subscription boxes 5-6 years ago. I remember receiving and using a full-size shower gel. I also remember I had enjoyed using it. For the purpose of this article, I went on their website and it seems like they have gone steps further and their look is coming out even better. I would try more of them in the future.


#votre was introduced to me by one of the monthly subscription boxes too... 5-6 years back. [I think I had subscribed to a couple of boxes during that time out of interest.] I remember using its skin peel. It was like a face scrub. I think I also had received a few of its other products. Again I went on their website and they have given themselves a new #makeover and it appears promising. 


You see #biotique everywhere in my city. They have their outlets. They are there in supermarkets. Local grocery stores. You find them in the rooms of a few hotels. I think you can't skip their dark leafy colour branding. I think they also say they are based on Ayurveda. I would like to try more of them too.


Anyone knows #Sadhguru or #ishafoundation? The products manufactured by them come under the label #ishalife. They have a range of #skincare also and I think they are also made out of natural ingredients. I think I read on its bottle "made in the Himalayas" or "made using fresh Himalayan water". Sounds pretty cool. And since it is Sadhguru, it has to deal with Ayurveda without second-guessing. umm... but I could be wrong. ;)


Even though I'm new to using it though not new to the name, the name is well established. It was born in 1930. he ho! So they seem to be Ayurvedic, #Herbal#Medicinal at the same time have these personal care, skincare products going on. I remember visiting one of the  #himalaya stores. They have a #doctor sitting there whom you can #consult. A boring packaging I would say... but if they are in the market for this long... they probably know what they are doing. I am definitely going to try this brand and again it is available in every nook and corner I believe of my city.

Well ladies and gentlemen, these were the 10 Indian brands I wanted to talk about today. There are many more... would love to make another list... but I thought after 10 it gets a bit boring.

For now, try to explore these. And if you like it, do feel proud of them. After all, they are all #madeinIndia. ;)

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